How to Wind an Automatic Watch? BEHRENS' Guide for Beginners

How to Wind an Automatic Watch? BEHRENS' Guide for Beginners

Automatic watches, known as self-winding watches, are a favorite choice among watch enthusiasts due to their convenience and craftsmanship. These watches wind themselves as the wearer moves, providing a seamless experience. BEHRENS Watches, is a well-known watch brand for innovation and creativity, In this guide we will guide you on how to wind an automatic watch and keep your timepiece running smoothly.



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How to Wind an Automatic Watch:

Winding an automatic movement watch requires minimal effort using self-winding watches mechanism. However, there are still a few essential steps to ensure your behrens watch stays in optimal condition:


  • Wear Your Watch Regularly:

The most efficient way to keep your self-winding timepiece wound is to wear it daily. As you move, the watch's rotor swings and keep winding the mainspring.


  • Manual Winding:

If you last wore your watch a while ago, you may need to manually wind it.

To wind an automatic timepiece, turn the crown clockwise around 20-30 times until you feel a slight resistance. Avoid overwinding the watch.


  • Check for Power Reserve:

You must be familiar with your watch's power reserve, which indicates how long the watch can run without movement. Different automatic watches have varying power reserves.


  • Store Properly:

When not wearing your watch, store it in the watch box or a safe place away from magnets and extreme temperatures.


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Explore BEHRENS' Branded Watches:

BEHRENS is a trusted watch brand known for its innovation, high tech watches and top quality mechanical watches for men. Whether you prefer classic designs or dark watches, BEHRENS has a diverse range of watches online to suit every taste. Discover our collections of branded watches on our website.


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Caring for Your Automatic Watch:

  • Avoid Overwinding:

While automatic watches are designed to self-wind, avoid excessive winding when the watch is already running smoothly.


  • Service Regularly:

Periodic servicing by a professional watchmaker ensures your watch remains in top condition.


  • Be Mindful of the Environment:

Protect your watch from harsh environments, such as strong magnets or high temperatures, which can affect its performance.


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Knowing how to wind an automatic timepiece is essential for maintaining its accuracy and longevity. By following BEHRENS' guide, you can ensure your timepiece continues to function perfectly. For the best experience, explore BEHRENS' range of watches online, where you can find the perfect watch to match your style and preferences.


For more insights on automatic watches and watchmaking, you may visit external resources for additional information and tips. Thank you for choosing BEHRENS Watches for your watch-in journey!

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