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BEHRENS Watches: A Guide to Watch Enthusiasts by Uncovering the Marvel of Engineering in INVENTOR Series


Let’s look into why watch enthusiasts should own a mechanical timepiece from BEHRENS INVENTOR.

The Uniqueness:

In the premium watch industry INVENTOR series of Behrens is a well-organized collection of timepieces, where accuracy and style go hand in hand with the fusion of classic watchmaking techniques and contemporary designs. Traditional way of telling time is eliminated by understanding the complex mechanism of mechanical watchmaking, where watch lovers witness the complex dance of springs, gears and livers. Each timepiece embodies the brands dedication and go beyond the boundaries of traditional craft of watchmaking.

Under this section you will gain a comprehensive knowledge about mechanical watches by the Behrens INVENTOR series including automatic mechanical watches, manual wind watches and horology watches.

Mechanical Watches: A Fusion of Tradition and Novelty

The inventor collection is defined by its mechanical watches that rely on a complex mechanism of gear, spring and liver which functions together to measure the time. No battery is required for these watches due to their intricate mechanism, because the energy is stored in a wound spring. It's a nod to the age-old tradition of watchmaking, where every tick and tock is a testament to human ingenuity.


Due to strong framework, these are built for longevity, passed from one generation to the next which guarantee resilience against wear and tear: therefore, making it a trustworthy companion for all life events. Mechanical watches add fabulous touch of elegance to your attire, no matter whether you are on a business trip or going for a lunch with a friend or celebrating birthday parties of your loved ones. Wearing a mechanical watch establish your connection to the centuries of horological tradition and novelty. These are suitable for both formal and informal setting due to their innovative designs.


Here comes ‘PERIGEE watch’ which is a manual winding watch, a detail specification list is given below.


Perigee Watch:

High-end watch with Earth-Moon celestial display that embodies an astronomical Phenomenon. A unique approach of ‘Behrens Inventor’ to reflect the functionality of mechanical timepiece with a sophisticated astronomy look.



Case Material Case Diameter     Water Resistance Bracelet Material  Power-Reserve
Titanium 43mm 3 BAR Crocodile Skin 45-Hours


Note: Ultra-light 20g is another manual winding watch from Behrens Inventor. 

Automatic Mechanical Watches: Self-Winding Accuracy

Most of the Behrens Inventor timepieces are automatic mechanical watches which are also labelled as self-winding watches, they charge with wearer’s wrist movements by eliminating the need of the manual winding. With each twist of the wrist, the watch's rotor spins, thereby winding the mainspring. The watch remains powered as long as it is worn regularly, this is ensured by uninterrupted energy transfer. Every watch in Inventor series shows our love and passion for horology and to create classic creations that stands out your everyday style. To express your taste for the finer luxuries, allow our timepieces to be a part of your daily life journeys and experience self-satisfaction.


Rotary Watch:

Rotary watch is a blend of classic design with modern technology. It includes a date indicated window and rotary engine like hand to tick the time in hours and minutes featuring the iconic rotary engine as a central element. The triangle shaped hand is painted with a radian paint that reflects as a hand indicator. Automatic movement & triangular rotary engine segment can be easily seen through the sapphire crystal window.



Case Material Case Diameter     Water Resistance Bracelet Material  Power-Reserve
316L 42mm 5 BAR Crocodile Skin 48-Hours



Project One Watch:


The BEHRENS Project One watch is built upon an entirely unique design idea. This innovatively crafted watch was influenced by the "Tianwen-1" probe, which was the focus of China's first distinct Mars exploration mission. In remembrance of "Tianwen-1," the side of the watch mechanism has the launch time of "2020.07.23" and the landing time of "2021.05.15" on Mars, so that everyone can recollect this momentous occasion from a timepiece. Additionally, titanium alloys are frequently utilized in the watch industry for components like watch casings and movements.




Case Material Case Diameter     Water Resistance Bracelet Material  Base Movement
Titanium 51mm*42mm 3 BAR Titanium

Sellita SW20



Horology: The science and art of timekeeping

"Horology" refers to the science and art of telling time; it is through these artistic creations that the craft of "watchmaking" is stated. The INVENTOR collection by behrens watches embodies the unique quality of fusing innovation with traditional watchmaking technique. In order to attain a high degree of precision and craftsmanship regarding the Horology of these watches, Master watchmakers at BEHRENS have demonstrated their expertise and dedication by meticulously assembling each component, from the escapement to the balance wheel.



Behrens Inventor series does not offer an ordinary collection of timepieces to tell time, but its to discover a marvel of mechanical engineering hidden inside each component. To experience the luxurious and elegant artistry of mechanical watches, pick your watchpiece as per your liking whether it the ease of automatic mechanical watches, or the cultural significance of manual wind watches. By wearing a behrens watch from inventor series you will explore the unique fusion of innovation, tradition and futuristic look which makes them a unique piece of art maintaining its luxurious visibility.