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Ultimate Guide to Luxury Watches: Discover Behrens Watches Original Collection


From the intricate movements to the exquisite substance, we will guide you through the elements that make each watch a true work of art. Since 2012 Behrens watches serve the best role in delivering Original collection watches. Here you'll get information about collection products that make you look better for different occasions.

Elegant Timepieces of Original Collection for Events 

The Original Watches featured luxury watches are not just for telling time they help to maintain your daily routine; From the detailed luxury watches to the bold styling, these luxury watches for men are designed to make a statement and reflect the wearer's originality. Here you'll get more details about the product's featured specifications. Wearing Luxury Watches with quality straps would be a good way to style your personality.

Guidelines for Behrens Original Watches Products

1-  Starship II Watch:

BEHRENS STARSHIPⅡ top-quality branded watch inspired by space starships. In addition to the sci-fi dial shape of the watch, A unique concept of Behrens Watches.



Case Material Case diameter  Water resistance  Bracelet material


316L  42mm 10 BAR  Fluoroelastomer

Sapphire crystal

2- Interstellar Travel Watch

The (minute & hour) displays are located at both ends of the spaceship and hidden under the metal frame. The two sapphire crystal dials pass through the entire metal frame concept taken from time sci-fi for delivering a different watch addition. 


Reference number Base movement Case material  Case diameter

Water resistance

BHR012B Miyota.9015 316L 42mm



3-  Constell Watch:

BEHRENS Constell branded watch is inspired by the "Twenty-Eight Constellations" in traditional Chinese culture and modern space elements with the unique idea of watch selling in different regions. Behrens watches make it possible through its original collection, below we're trying to show more specs.


Reference number Base movement Case material Case diameter

Water resistance

BHR017 Miyota.9015  316L 42mm 



4-  Navigraph Watch:

Watches of this kind are very convenient for businessmen and tycoons across various time zones. Wearing this watch have a professional keen eye for a business look. BEHRENS Navigraph is the best-branded watch specifically designed for CEOs, corporate managers, and stakeholders with an automatic GMT function with chronograph functionality.


Reference number Base movement Case material Case diameter

Water resistance

BHR015 Miyota.9015  316L 42mm 



Why Should You Wear It? A Modern Take:

Owning a luxury watch conveys status and success. It reflects the wearer's appreciation and modern look for fine craftsmanship and their ability to invest in enduring with quality features. The attention to detail in their design and construction ensures permanence and Strongest matches, making them reversion pieces that can be passed down through peer groups.


Owning a fine watch signified social status and economic power. These watches are made with different conceptual ideas for durability & self-enhancement for business meetings, Formal Events, Job Interviews, Traveling, and Outdoor Activities like hiking, camping, or sports where you may not want to rely on electronic devices that could get damaged but with watches you not just use it for wearing in this modern era this could be a sign of personality.

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